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Home Again is the just as bad as NACA! They say that they can help you, but they are such a waste of time.

After working with Home Again for 10 months, they still keep telling us to fax documentation to them, however, they didn't even look at it. Just keep telling us to do the same thing over and over again. Guess what.. NOW I'M IN FORECLOSURE! We called Home Again and they did nothing about it. They just kept saying they will look at our account. That's what they said every time we call! JUST HORRIBLE!

To me, I think Home Again just trying to get more people into the program so they can get funds from the states. No help at all.

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North Hollywood, California, United States #1247822

I agree,go through the motions,but r just getting hud funding,will not supply their success percentage getting people assistance.They get federal grants for overhead and salaries,show a result?

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